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How the Shed Assembly Process Works

To make your life easier, we can deliver and assemble your shed right in your backyard. We understand that time is precious. Our experienced shed installers can build your shed in a day (weather permitting). All that is left for you to do is paint your shed.

We hire the best professional installers in the industry. To give you piece of mind, we offer a 1-year assembly labor warranty. The end result is a worry free experience for all Costco members.

About Our Installers:

  • Trained through our network of manufacturing partners
  • Will review your order before and after your shed is assembled to ensure 100% satisfaction
  • Carefully screened, fully licensed (where required) and insured
  • Customer rated to  make sure they make the grade to install for us

What to Expect?

The local shed installation branch will be contacting you within 7-14 days to review your order and set your install date.

✓ Builder arrival times are set for either morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (12pm-4pm); Weather permitting.
✓ Your local builder will contact you the day of the install prior to arriving on site.

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It’s not necessary to be present for the entire phase of assembly.

We do ask that you’re available when the installer arrives on site to confirm the site and placement, as well as completion for the walk through inspection of your completed model.

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Most sheds are assembled within 1 day

Please allow 2-3 days for the completion of our shed installation services on 12 foot wide models or larger.

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Preparing your Build Site for our Arrival

3′ of clearance around (and overhead) the entire buildings required. 4ft. if larger than 160 sq. ft.

shed foundation away from fence

This will give the installer enough space to assemble the shed. Objects such as fencing, tree branches and shrubbery need to be at least 3’ from the build site.





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Prior to the arrival of the installer, the build site needs to be cleared and prepared to within 6in. of level.

We do not provide excavation services. Extra charges may apply if outside of 6in. of level.

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Steps to determine if shed is level
  1. Determine the four corners of the shed.
  2. Pound wooden stakes into the ground.
  3. Add a string and using a line level, determine how much excavation is needed.

shed installation service tips

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Homeowner is responsible for all permits and/or Homeowners Association approvals that may be required

It’s important to contact your local building inspector to see if your storage building is up to code. Additional charges may apply on custom schematic requests

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Make sure there is access to electricity within 150 feet of assembly site

The installers will need a source of electricity for their power tools.

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If you have privacy fencing, that is not a problem as long as you have a 3ft. gate with easy access to the shed installation site.

This gives us plenty of room needed for ladders and standing the walls. Yardline sheds are assembled right in your backyard for your convenience.

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Concrete slabs need to be poured to our exact dimensions and cured for at least 7 days. Please contact us prior to pouring

building storage foundation

If pouring a concrete slab, please contact Yardline prior to pouring for the exact dimensions and requirements needed for your particular building.

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Day of Delivery & Assembly

Your shed installer will call you the morning of delivery to give you an approximate arrival time.

certified shed installerUpon arrival, the builder will review your order and will examine the build site.

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The installer will bring all needed materials to your selected build site

tools for diy shed kitInstaller bringing tools and materials to your build site.

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Our standard floor construction starts with treated 4x4 runners which get leveled to the ground

floor joist assemblyTreated 2×4 floor joists are assembled on 4×4 runners.

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Next, the builder attaches the durable 5/8" thick exterior OSB decking

treated wood floor upgradeWe also offer a treated wood floor upgrade which is 30% stronger than standard floor. A floor upgrade is ideal for storing big, heavy items such as riding lawn mowers, ATV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more.



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Walls are assembled and attached to the floor. After installing roof rafters and roof decking, the shed is ready for shingles.

install shed shinglesAll sheds include 25-year asphalt 3-tab shingles with your choice of 5 popular colors. Roofing felt is an exclusive upgrade for Costco members while drip edge is an available option.



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Doors, hardware, trim and any additional accessories are attached to complete the installation. Congratulations. Your shed has successfully been assembled!

Before leaving the site, the shed builder will ask for your approval and answer any final questions you may have.

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After your Shed is Assembled

For a well-protected finished result, don’t forget to caulk horizontal and vertical seams and trim work.

✓ Since caulk is waterproof, it puts a water tight seal wherever you apply it. All you need is some caulk and a caulk gun.

✓ Caulk around the trim, windows, air vents, under the roof line and where the siding panels meet.


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For the best protection, paint the siding and trim on the face and all edges, including the seams.

✓ Painting of the shed within 60 days of installation is a requirement for warranty validation.
✓ Paint all 6 sides/edges of the doors as well as the bottom edging of the siding to protect against moisture.
✓ We recommend a premium quality, 100% acrylic latex paint, available at your local hardware or paint store.paint to match shed

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Additional Information:

A few more things.....
  • Aftermarket items not purchased through a Yardline Roadshow will not be installed by Yardline.
  • To add available options to your order, contact one of our Customer Service Team Members for assistance.
  • This product is hand crafted on your lot and moving the building once constructed will void your warranty and potentially compromise the structural integrity; therefore it’s not intended to be moved. We do not provide shed moving services.
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